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The project has generated considerable interest among silent film buffs. However, to reach a wider audience, through television, DVDs and digital downloads, I need to create a highly polished and technically precise production, for which I lack the necessary resources.  


Your donations will contribute to the following:

  • Hiring a composer to create and record a score for the finished reconstruction. 

  • The purchase and licensing of additional Cleopatra stills from archives, collectors and other sources, as some archives charge $100 per image or more.  

  • The surviving film clip of is badly scratched and needs to be restored, which will be costly.

  • The construction of a website which will promote Lost Cleopatra and help find missing stills by publicizing the project, and search out additional stills for lost films for possible reconstruction.

  •  Hiring researchers who can comb through remote archives and perhaps uncover additional remaining stills.

  • The creation of additional stills to represent scenes that are missing photographic representation, using image elements of existing stills. Moreover, some badly damaged stills require extensive photo editing.

  • The arranging of DVD extras, including additional films and a DVD commentary.

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